Full name

Emily N. Goff


Artist, Illustrator, and Writer


Pittsburgh, PA


Professional artist and illustrator currently working on her first children’s book while hustling with art commissions of all kinds.


I dreamt of being an artist and a writer from the time I was in preschool. As an adult, I initially studied to be an art teacher, then a graphic designer before graduating from the Digital Animation and Visual Effects (DAVE) School with a degree in Digital Animation and Visual Effects.

I went on to work in the entertainment industry on a children's show, video game trailers, and independent film before I left Los Angeles in 2009 to have my son.

Since then, I've worked independently on freelance and art commissions, and also as an illustrator at a local architectural illustration firm here in Pittsburgh. I am currently working on my first children's book, projected to be completed in the summer or fall of 2018.

In my spare time, I like to build LEGO sets with my son, geek out to history facts, listen to murder/mystery podcasts, and I enjoy trying new film and music.


Asst. Training & Tech Support / Design & Marketing

AGC Education

Pittsburgh, PA · March 2018 – May 2018

Assisted in the training and technical support of customers of large format Canon printers and the proprietary design software that came with the printer packages. Assisted in marketing and design, which entailed creating sample posters, banners, and other varied media for clients, as well as printing them. Designed several mailer campaigns for the sales teams. Handled customer service calls regarding tech support.


Depiction LLC

Pittsburgh, PA · August 2017 – December 2017

Composed and created architectural illustrations and watercolor renderings using Photoshop, Procreate, and SketchUp.

Lighting Technical Director / CG Artist

Snoot Entertainment

Los Angeles, CA · 2006 – 2009

Composed lighting and rendered scenes with some secondary animation and effects on the motion picture “Battle for Terra” from October 2006 through August 2007, and then was recalled later in 2007 through 2009 for the second part of the project converting the scenes to stereoscopic film, and then moving onto the next project: modeling, setup, and preproduction on the film “Bunraku.”


Rhythm + Hues: The Box

Los Angeles, CA · 2006 – 2007

Digital character and background animator with specialities in lighting and creating dynamic camera animation. After the initial project ended in October 2006, and after the first span of time at Snoot Entertainment, I was recalled for the next round of projects at The Box. Projects included work on trailers for Call of Duty 3, Ninja Gaidan 2, Turok, Banjo and Kazooie, and on preproduction planning for the Mummy 3.


South Arts Pittsburgh

Bethel Park, PA · 2013 – 2014

Art instructor for children at the local community center.

Lightwave Generalist

Wolfhound Entertainment

Orlando, FL · 2006 – 2006

Generalist and jack of all trades while working on a children’s show segment called “BoBo Blocks," which was featured on the children’s show "Gina D’s Kids Club.”


California University of Pennsylvania

California, PA · 2002 – 2004

I started my undergraduate pursuits here in art education and then graphic design, before I discovered the elective for animation, and decided to switch schools.

Specialized Associates in Digital Animation and Visual Effects

The DAVE School

Orlando, FL · 2005 – 2005

I earned my associates degree in digital animation and visual effects during a high-intensity, fast-paced year of study at the DAVE School.

Bachelors in VFX

The DAVE School

Orlando, FL · 2018 – 2018

In August of 2018, I completed my bachelors degree in VFX online with the DAVE School, the institution from which I originally received my associates degree.